duminică, 20 iulie 2014

Screening the Squat..

The squat is a staple in personal training programs. A textbook squat involves knee and hip flexion on the eccentric portion until the thigh is parallel with the ground followed by hip and knee extension.

However, during the body weight squat many common errors can occur:
  • Heels coming off the ground and knees coming too far forward
  • Knees caving in and foot pronation
  • Leaning too far forward
  • Lumbar flexion
When trying to address these issues, you must first understand that movement deviation from an ideal can happen for a number of reasons such as lack of experience, muscle weakness, muscle imbalances, and the client’s structure.

It’s also important to consider that different people move differently, and the same people move differently on different occasions. Although it’s not easily definable, there’s a range of acceptable exercise form — as my friend and fellow strength coach Tony Gentilcore puts it, between “eye’s bleeding and dead sexy.”

Here is a video on screening the squat that covers everything presented in this article:

Read full article here.

Source: Iuliana Chiorpec

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