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Download 397 Free Art Catalogs from The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Earlier this year, the Guggenheim Museum put online 65 modern art books, giving you free access to books introducing the work of Alexander Calder, Edvard Munch, Francis Bacon, Gustav Klimt & Egon Schiele, and Kandinsky. Now, just a few short months later, the Metropolitan Museum of Art has launched MetPublications, a portal that will “eventually offer access to nearly all books, Bulletins, and Journals” published by the Met since 1870.

Of the many resources you can explore, here’s one obvious highlight: MetPublications now makes available 397 out-of-print titles, including lots of informative and visually-packed art catalogs from the museum’s past exhibitions. You can read the books online or download them in PDF format (although I should warn you that the PDF downloads take some time, so be patient). When you rummage around, you’ll come across works like these and more:
Al-Andalus: The Art of Islamic Spain
American Impressionism and Realism: The Painting of Modern Life, 1885–1915
American Art Posters of the 1890s in The Metropolitan Museum of Art
Degas: The Artist’s Mind
Leonardo da Vinci: Anatomical Drawings from the Royal Library
Masterpieces of The Metropolitan Museum of Art
The Art of Illumination
Vermeer and the Delft School
Wisdom Embodied: Chinese Buddhist and Daoist Sculpture in The Metropolitan Museum of Art
Words and Images: Chinese Poetry, Calligraphy, and Painting

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