luni, 12 ianuarie 2015

How to get paid [Literally].

[Getting Paid] How to Choose Between PayPal vs Stripe vs Merchant Accounts

I wish I would have read an article like this when I was getting started.

If you’re like me you spend a lot of time thinking about website traffic, conversions, offers, price points and all the rest… as you should.

There’s nothing more important than figuring out how to acquire customers at a profit.

But take 2 minutes today and read this article about the technical side of GETTING PAID.

It’s critical folks, and it might just save you from a catastrophe. You know… the kind of catastrophe where you’re making sales and your ability to take payments gets SHUT DOWN.

No bueno.

You’ll learn whether to use a solution like PayPal or Stripe or whether it’s time for you to start thinking about using a merchant account.

Read today’s article:

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